F1-Gifs is created as a database for the Formula 1 followers to keep up with the recent events, interviews etc. The blog also accepts requests and submissions from Tumblr users. It is administrated by Shag-F1 and iChaplin, who both live in Istanbul/TURKEY.



This roleplay is now OPEN :)

We’re a brand new and unique F1-universe roleplay- create drivers, engineers, mechanics and every other staff member you can think of. Races are approximately once a month- see our calendar!

If you’re new here, please read the rules, the FAQ and familiarise yourself with how Raceway works then go ahead and submit your characters. 

Our admins are Holly (brakefoot) and Cansu (ichaplin) so feel free to ask them any questions!

You may see roleplay posts already here on character pages, and some old admin posts. These were all from Beta testing a while ago, you can ignore them! :) 

Raceway Winter Testing begins here in just over a week, in Barcelona. Happy roleplaying! 

Hello all!

I just wanted to announce a new project I (ichaplin) am running with my friend Holly (brakefoot). If you are invested in creative writing and F1, I think you might really like this idea of ours. I encourage you to join this brand new roleplay! It comes in really handy especially during those weekends we miss F1. Not to mention the longer breaks!

Don’t be shy, just take a look :3 We hope you enjoy it! 

1 year ago
Anonymous ASKED
Are you not coming back for 2013?

Seems that way for now. But nothing is ever certain.

1 year ago
1 year ago

A very important matter: We are looking for new partners!

As the admins of F1-Gifs, we (Buse & Cansu) have found ourselves at a point where we can not devote ourselves entirely to this database anymore. For several reasons.

We are still planning to remain as the admins of this blog, and make contributions every once in a while, however we’d like to appoint new people for the scheduled gif-making of races during the season. If you are eager to join, contact us!

We are concerned about the gif-making skills of those who apply for this partnership, nevertheless we will provide assistance on any kind of problem you might have once you have joined the blog, along with the resources.

1 year ago
1 year ago